4-stroke petrol hedge trimmer, 480 mm

Precise cuts for optimal hedge trimming: The HT4QL-M1-EU enables you to get your hedge into shape in no time and remove unwanted stems, branches and leaves with minimal effort.

It is suitable for high and low hedges, home gardening tasks and professional gardening and landscaping. The durable and powerful hedge trimmer features a one-sided laser-cut blade and helps you to complete demanding hedge tasks with ease. The powerful design can be attributed to the 4-stroke 4QL technology, which also helps to reduce fuel consumption. 4QL technology is more eco-friendly, as the hedge trimmer does not burn any oil and therefore produces significantly fewer emissions than a conventional 2-stroke engine.


  • Fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine with high torque
  • Fuel: Pure petrol – no need to mix with oil!
  • Easy to start thanks to 4-stroke 4QL technology
  • Cutter bar features impact protection to prevent dirt and mechanical damage
  • Rotating handle system
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4-stroke petrol hedge trimmer, 480 mm

  • Features

    Patented 4QL technology

    The 0.65 kW 4-stroke engine can trim hedges and bushes with ease and features our patented 4QL technology for a quick startup, comfortable operation and easy maintenance. It also has an eco-friendly design that produces fewer emissions and uses less fuel, and will make comparable appliances with a 2-stroke engine look old!

    Rotating handle system

    This versatile 4-stroke hedge trimmer features a rotating handle system with 3 settings, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Start cutting, and you’ll be finished in no time!

    Separate petrol and oil circulation

    No more cumbersome mixing of petrol and oil: the 4-stroke engine has a separate petrol and oil circulation system, meaning that you only need to fill the oil tank upon first use. Once filled, it only needs to be topped up occasionally. Simply fill the petrol tank at regular intervals and your hedge trimmer is ready for use!

    Razor-sharp trimmer

    Clean cuts for the perfect hedge: This 4-stroke hedge trimmer is ideal for removing annoying branches. To ensure a prolonged lifespan, it features an impact protection mechanism and a special blade cover to protect against sand and soil.

  • Technical data
    Blade Length 480 mm
    Engine Type 4-Stroke
    Engine Displacement 26.5 cm³
    Engine Performance 0.65 kW
    Fuel Tank Capacity 280 ml
    Oil Tank Capacity 60 ml
    Weight (unfilled) 4.99 kg
    Schalldruck area1 87.0 dB(A)
    Schallleistungspegel (eng)1 100.2 dB(A)
    Vibrationswert vorne/hinten (eng)2 4.14 / 8.33 m/s²
    Tooth Space 35 mm

    1 K-Wert nach EN ISO 10517 = 3,0 dB(A) (eng)

    2 K-Wert nach EN ISO 10517 = 1,5 m/s² (eng)