4-stroke petrol grass trimmer and brush cutter, 26.5 cc/0.65 kW

Ideal for lawn edges, paving stones and large lawns: The GTBCP4QL-L-EU is a powerful and durable allrounder that helps you to trim unwanted growth effectively.

The well-designed 2-in-1 device is the ideal tool for gardeners who want a perfectly trimmed lawn in large or small spaces. The string head and the 3-tooth brush knife can be easily replaced in a few simple steps so that you’re good to go for your next trimming session! The tool’s impressive power can be attributed to the patented 4-stroke 4QL technology, which reduces fuel consumption and significantly lowers emissions. This eco-friendly design helps to protect the environment.


  • Fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine with strong torque
  • Easy to start thanks to 4-stroke 4QL technology and primer
  • 2-in-1 product for trimmer and scything, includes string head and 3-tooth brush knife
  • Requires less storage space thanks to 2-part trimmer
  • Shoulder strap and ergonomic handle for ease of use
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4-stroke petrol grass trimmer and brush cutter, 26.5 cc/0.65 kW

  • Features

    Patented 4QL technology

    The powerful 0.65 kW 4-stroke engine is perfect for cutting overgrown grass and lawn edges and removing weeds from paved areas and under trees with cutting-edge precision. It features patented 4QL technology for quick startup, comfortable operation and easy maintenance. It also has an eco-friendly design that produces fewer emissions and uses less fuel, and will make comparable appliances with a 2-stroke engine look old!

    Perfect all-rounder

    Overgrown grass and weeds on your lawn or paved areas – there’s always something to do in the garden! This appliance features a clever 2-in-1 function: either use the string trimmer with a 3-tooth brush knife, or select the lawn trimmer with the trimmer head. Whichever function you choose, your new all-rounder will be ready to use in no time!

    Powerful performance, compact design

    The appliance features a compact two-part shaft that can be easily separated for transport or storage during prolonged periods of non-use (e.g. winter).

    Perfect ergonomic design

    The appliance comes with a shoulder strap and ergonomically designed handles to help you keep your balance and concentrate on the task at hand. The built-in safety function in the handle prevents the appliance from swinging excessively and ensures that you stay in position.

  • Technical data
    Engine Type 4-Stroke
    Engine Displacement 26.5 cm³
    Engine Performance 0.65 kW
    Fuel Tank Capacity 320 ml
    Oil Tank Capacity 60 ml
    Gewicht (unbetankt, ohne Schneidwerkzeug und Schultergurt) 5.3 kg
    Schalldruck area1 97.3 dB(A)
    Schallleistungspegel (eng)1 106.1 dB(A)
    Vibrationswert (eng)2 10.5 m/s²
    Schneidwerkzeug 3-tooth blade, string head

    1 K-Wert nach EN ISO 10517 = 3,0 dB(A) (eng)

    2 K-Wert nach EN ISO 10517 = 1,5 m/s² (eng)